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we’ll talk of ships and sealing wax

 I’ve spent a good chunk of the weekend transcribing interviews.  I had one done previously and I now have two more complete. As I was starting a third I thought to organize my audio files and see how many I actually had to do. It turns out I only have seven usable files.


I’ve done 11 interviews.

So what happens to the other four? One early on was unusable because the person was also the chair of the department.  Due to her administrative responsibilities she simply wasn’t teaching enough too meet my criteria.

Then I had a lovely interview with a very lovely woman who turned out to be an adjunct. And that was my own fault. I didn’t check.  Looking back, I don’t think she got my standard recruitment e-mail, which would’ve screened for that. I’m actually hoping to be able to use her interview in a different project at some point after I finish my dissertation because she had some wonderful insights on related topics.

I had the interview that was eaten by Skype and that one really irks me. I haven’t had the nerve to go back to her and ask if we can re-create any of it but I will later this week.

Then I had a lovely discussion with a very enthusiastic faculty member who I can’t include because she’d been teaching blended classes. The class she was currently teaching the summer was her first completely online class. Again, we had a lovely interview and I hope to use her information for some future project, but she doesn’t meet my criteria for this one.

So I have seven. If I can re-create, with some help, the one that was eaten by Skype then I’ll have eight.  I have two more possibilities for interviews, which would put me up to 10, but I had really hoped to be done with the actual interviewing by now.

Though I have to say, having to do more is not necessarily a bad thing. As I’m transcribing the first interviews I did I’ve realized how far I’ve come in interviewing skill and in really focusing in on my topic area. The interview I did last week was so much better than the ones that I did in March.

I guess the bright spot in all of this is that I promised my chair I’d be half done with transcribing the next time I met with her, which is a week from Monday. I only have seven interviews, so I only have to have three and a half transcribed.  I’m almost done.


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Reading and Writing

I seem to have stopped reading.  It happened slowly.  I was interested in other things. I was too busy so the books would go back to the library only being flipped through.  If it wasn’t related to the dissertation then I shouldn’t be reading it anyway – it was a distraction.

The weeks and months stretched out and things happened in my personal life and the dissertation went on hold for a bit.  As I picked it back up, even reading for the dissertation was difficult.  There was always something else to do.

Busy work.

Make work.

I especially couldn’t bring myself to read what I had written.

I’m wrapping up my dissertation interviews in the next couple of weeks.  Yes, the transcription will take for. ev. er.  after that but hopefully I can start writing things later this summer.

In order to write I need to read.  To re-read.  To face what I wrote in my proposal and honestly assess what is still usable and what is not.

To ease back into that mode I need to read things that are not work-related or geared toward the 6 to 7 year old set.  I need to read things that are related to the dissertation and start writing about them.    This is where it loops back in to public writing and accountability.

I would like to be able to post a couple of times a week some commentary on dissertation-related writing.

I would like to set some time aside each week to that reading and writing and actually follow through.

I’ll admit I have a bad track record for saying I’ll post and then disappearing for weeks on end but my real name is on this blog so we’ll see if that makes a difference.  I’m going to clean out the home office this weekend and organize my references so I can at least find things to read and I will report out on the flip side.

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snapshots from transcription

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