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I’ve been trying to find a way to incorporate the random things I find through my feed reader and other sources – preferably with the ability for me to add notes to them – into my online classes.  Yes, I could just post an announcement or send an email every time I found something interesting and applicable, but there’s no way to easily find something at a later point that way. 

In addition, this post by Harold Jarche on personal knowledge management has been nudging at me for two and a half years now.  He has a system that allows him to mine these sorts of things along with his thoughts and connections.  The problem has been that my aggregation tool (delicious) got over-run very easily with this and that and something else and I rarely took the time to go back and annotate a resource. 

It came to a head a couple of weeks ago after spring semester ended.  I realized that I had a delicious account with around 300 links in it.  And an older delicious account with around 400 different links in it left over from the point a year and a half ago when I declared “bookmark bankruptcy” and just started over fresh.  There were also over 200 starred items in my Google Reader account to deal with.  

That’s almost one. thousand. things.

** head <-> desk **

So I spent two. solid. days. doing nothing but sorting and deleting.  Then I made another new delicious account and this blog.

Today I happened to stumble on a tool called Amplify through a Twitter link and spent a bit of time playing with it.  It has a built-in ad-free widget generator that works in my course management system (though not here) and generates a feed that doesn’t look too bad.

The problem this solves for me is one of accountability.  I was throwing bookmarks willy-nilly into delicious with the intent of “doing something with them someday.”  With Amplify, I can’t post anything unless I have something to say about it that is worth asking a group of people to take the time to read.  It goes back to public writing.  How I keep from starting another pile of things-to-post-in-Amplify, I don’t know other than a fierce desire to never have to sort through that many bookmarks again.

So, the upshot of all this is that I will post (probably sporadically) to my Amplify page aptly titled “Sporadic Questions” about things I’ve read or tools I’ve found that may be useful/interesting to adult educators or students of adult education.  I will post (also probably sporadically) here about the dissertation and other general items that might be of interest to a broader audience in education, elearning, faculty development, etc.

There may be a few cat pictures but I’ll try to keep them to Fridays 🙂

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