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Reading and Writing

I seem to have stopped reading.  It happened slowly.  I was interested in other things. I was too busy so the books would go back to the library only being flipped through.  If it wasn’t related to the dissertation then I shouldn’t be reading it anyway – it was a distraction.

The weeks and months stretched out and things happened in my personal life and the dissertation went on hold for a bit.  As I picked it back up, even reading for the dissertation was difficult.  There was always something else to do.

Busy work.

Make work.

I especially couldn’t bring myself to read what I had written.

I’m wrapping up my dissertation interviews in the next couple of weeks.  Yes, the transcription will take for. ev. er.  after that but hopefully I can start writing things later this summer.

In order to write I need to read.  To re-read.  To face what I wrote in my proposal and honestly assess what is still usable and what is not.

To ease back into that mode I need to read things that are not work-related or geared toward the 6 to 7 year old set.  I need to read things that are related to the dissertation and start writing about them.    This is where it loops back in to public writing and accountability.

I would like to be able to post a couple of times a week some commentary on dissertation-related writing.

I would like to set some time aside each week to that reading and writing and actually follow through.

I’ll admit I have a bad track record for saying I’ll post and then disappearing for weeks on end but my real name is on this blog so we’ll see if that makes a difference.  I’m going to clean out the home office this weekend and organize my references so I can at least find things to read and I will report out on the flip side.

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about resources

I’ve been trying to find a way to incorporate the random things I find through my feed reader and other sources – preferably with the ability for me to add notes to them – into my online classes.  Yes, I could just post an announcement or send an email every time I found something interesting and applicable, but there’s no way to easily find something at a later point that way. 

In addition, this post by Harold Jarche on personal knowledge management has been nudging at me for two and a half years now.  He has a system that allows him to mine these sorts of things along with his thoughts and connections.  The problem has been that my aggregation tool (delicious) got over-run very easily with this and that and something else and I rarely took the time to go back and annotate a resource. 

It came to a head a couple of weeks ago after spring semester ended.  I realized that I had a delicious account with around 300 links in it.  And an older delicious account with around 400 different links in it left over from the point a year and a half ago when I declared “bookmark bankruptcy” and just started over fresh.  There were also over 200 starred items in my Google Reader account to deal with.  

That’s almost one. thousand. things.

** head <-> desk **

So I spent two. solid. days. doing nothing but sorting and deleting.  Then I made another new delicious account and this blog.

Today I happened to stumble on a tool called Amplify through a Twitter link and spent a bit of time playing with it.  It has a built-in ad-free widget generator that works in my course management system (though not here) and generates a feed that doesn’t look too bad.

The problem this solves for me is one of accountability.  I was throwing bookmarks willy-nilly into delicious with the intent of “doing something with them someday.”  With Amplify, I can’t post anything unless I have something to say about it that is worth asking a group of people to take the time to read.  It goes back to public writing.  How I keep from starting another pile of things-to-post-in-Amplify, I don’t know other than a fierce desire to never have to sort through that many bookmarks again.

So, the upshot of all this is that I will post (probably sporadically) to my Amplify page aptly titled “Sporadic Questions” about things I’ve read or tools I’ve found that may be useful/interesting to adult educators or students of adult education.  I will post (also probably sporadically) here about the dissertation and other general items that might be of interest to a broader audience in education, elearning, faculty development, etc.

There may be a few cat pictures but I’ll try to keep them to Fridays 🙂

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snapshots from transcription

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Public Thinking


After blogging for over 5 years pseudonymously I have finally started a new blog with my name on it. My plan for this blog is twofold – to share resources and my comments on them with my classes and to hold myself accountable to regularly generate (hopefully) useful and thoughtful writing.

Plus, the folks who read my other blog about knitting and cats probably aren’t that interested in my teaching and dissertation. If anyone reading this is interested in knitting and cats please let me know 🙂

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